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Reasons Why to Choose Jack and Jill Fetal Photos for the Pregnancy Ultrasound

Why Jack and Jill Fetal Photos is an Ideal Baby Ultrasound Option for All the Expectant Parents?

For all the parents-to-be, it is a wonderful feeling to know that they are about to welcome their own child into this world.

And one of the curiosities is to know what the baby actually looks like in the womb. They are excited to know about it the most. Therefore, they choose the option of getting a baby ultrasound.

Thus, we present to you how and why Jack and Jill Fetal Photos will be the ideal option for all the curious parents-to-be out there.

1.     Offers a 2D/3D and 4D Ultrasound

There are different types of ultrasounds that can be conducted. And the three main types of those ultrasounds are 2D, 3D and 4D.

Although many places may not offer the option for all these types of ultrasounds, the Jack and Jill Fetal Photos give the option of all the three ultrasounds.

A 2D ultrasound provides the plain two-dimensional, black and white images of the baby while a 3D ultrasound is rather an advanced method which captures the three-dimensional images of the baby. It also allows seeing the specific facial features of your baby. On the other hand, a 4D ultrasound showcases the actual movement/actions of the baby like moving, yawning, turning etc.

2.     Offers Interesting Packages

The Jack and Jill Fetal Photos offer five interesting packages for the expectant parents. By choosing either of the packages, the expectant parents can make their experience of baby ultrasound memorable.

The packages have fun options like they can offer you a sneak peek into the womb so that you can have a better look at the organs of your child. Plus, the packages also offer a USB flash drive and a DVD with photos of your baby (colored or black and white) and the recorded procedure of the entire scan respectively.

One of the packages also offers parents to get to know the gender of their baby upon request. Hence, you wouldn’t have to wait until the birth of the baby to know its gender!

3.     Provides Safe and Secure Ultrasound

Many of the parents are reluctant to get a baby ultrasound done. And that is because they worry about the safety of the ultrasound. However, you can completely trust the Jack and Jill Fetal Photos as they get their ultrasound done by a hundred percent qualified sonographers.

Furthermore, the Jack and Jill Fetal Photos offers a homely environment where you can easily come with your husband or you can even invite your friends and family (as it can accommodate eight members) and safely get the ultrasound done.

These are the three main reasons which will surely compel you to come to this place and get the baby ultrasound done conveniently.