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How to Arrange an Awesome Gender Reveal Party?

Tips on How to Host a Wonderful Gender Reveal Party

Knowing that you are pregnant feels amazing, but then knowing the gender of your baby feels super amazing!

And the one way to let others know the reason behind your abundant joy is to host a gender reveal party. Thus, we present to you some tips you should consider to make the party a special and a memorable one!

1.     Get the Professionals to Help You

Once you know you are pregnant, schedule a pregnancy ultrasound. The best place to schedule it is at the Jack and Jill Fetal Photos. The qualified sonographers would conduct a secure ultrasound which can help you to know the health and growth of the baby.

However, you can ask the sonographer not to disclose the identity of the unborn child to you. Instead, he can write it in a chit and enclose it in an envelope and hand it to you.

Also, the place offers you to have photos of your unborn baby in either black and white or colored form. So, get the pictures and make sure not to look at them as yet.

2.     Create a Theme

Generally the color blue is for boys and the color pink is for girls. Therefore, the ideal colors that should be followed by your gender reveal party is pink and blue.

Hence, make sure to keep napkins, paper cups/plates, and other things like decoration pieces in both pink and blue color. This will instantly make all the guests question “is it a girl or a boy?”

3.     Pick a Way to Reveal the Gender

One of the best ways to reveal the gender of your baby involves cakes! Having either a pink or a blue cake can drop massive hints regarding the baby’s gender. But you must be wondering who is going to place the order for the particular colored cake without knowing the gender?

In a scenario like this, you can give the envelope (in which the sex of the baby is written) to the baker directly. The baker will know if the cake should be blue or pink. And in this way the gender of your baby will stay a secret to you. And you will be surely surprised along with the other guests during the cake cutting time!

4.     Plan Fun Activities to Play

The party is no fun unless there are no games. There are many fun activities you can play during the gender reveal party. For instance, the guests can play the diaper changing games, in which the guests are required to change the diaper of a toy.

Plus, you can also have an activity where you can hide the photos of an unborn baby which you get it captured during the ultrasound. And ask the guests to find them. Whoever is able to find the photo will get a present!

Doesn’t a gender reveal party sound fun? It surely does! So, host a fun and surprise-filled party if you are expecting a child and don’t forget to follow these amazing tips!