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What to Expect During Pregnancy

What to Expect During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most the most special time for a woman, but it can be super hard. It can take a serious toll on the woman’s body as there are many internal changes occurring.

During the first trimester, you will need to empty your bladder quite often, and during the third, everything will be painful. However, later when you hold the little bundle of joy in your hands, it will all be worth it.

A female sacrifices her body for nine months so a human can grow inside her. For the first-time pregnant woman, there may be many changes occurring, therefore, it is smart to know what to expect.

1.     Amazing Hair

Another great thing about pregnancy is the amazing hair. Because of the hormonal imbalances, hair will grow fast; it will get thick and shiny. So be excited about this reward, because, after the arrival of your baby, your locks may lose some of their lusters.

2.     Acne

On the other side, because of these hormonal imbalances, your face might remind you of your teenage years. Unfortunately, you may suffer from acne breakouts while you are pregnant, but luckily, it is cleared after the baby is born.

3.     Stretch Marks

They will not be just on your belly, but they might even get visible on your butt and thighs. Stretch marks will begin to appear anywhere because you are gaining weight…

4.     Nausea

In the first trimester, the intensity of nausea will be very high, but it will lessen a bit. For a lot of women though, nausea may stay with them, intense or mild, throughout the pregnancy.

5.     Back Pains

It will be rough which means sitting, sleeping, and walking will get harder. Plus, your back may even start to itch more than usual.

6.     Gas

This is the worst, especially as time progresses, everything will stretch out, and it will be hard to keep the gas inside. Moreover, it hurts so there is a chance you might feel like a balloon, but it is okay to blame it on the pregnancy.

7.     Swelling

Your hands, feet, ankles, and every other part of your body will swell. Since your body will be going through a 360-degree change, be ready for all different types of body transformations.

8.     Waddling

Towards the end of the pregnancy, waddling will be the only way to travel because of the way the baby is positioned in the abdomen. There will be no more normal walking for you; moreover, your husband will make a lot of fun of you.

9.     Cravings

Cravings are something that strikes with high-intensity during pregnancies. Keep in mind you will be eating for two now so it is acceptable to keep wanting more and more. Whether they are mozzarella sticks, chips, or an endless supply of chocolate, it is acceptable to eat anything and everything.

The weight gain is self-explanatory. However, the best about pregnancy is to be aware of what to expect so you do expect your little one, you are prepared for everything.