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Reasons Why Pregnancy Ultrasound is Important

Learning that you’re pregnant undoubtedly brings you boundless joy.

The next most common step which every expectant woman takes is to visit to the hospital for the pregnancy ultrasound. But the question that arises is why? What are its uses and benefits?

Read this blog post for the valuable insight!

1.     To Check on the Baby’s Health

Every pregnant woman is recommended by an obstetrician, gynecologist or midwives to undergo an ultrasound in order to check the form of the baby inside the womb. An ultrasound is the best way to know if the baby is healthy or not.

An ultrasound also tells the condition of the fetus and if there is any abnormality in the womb. What really helps to find that out is the procedure of scanning. Thus, parents would also know if any precaution is needed to be taken.

2.     Reveals the Identity of the Sex

One of the reasons why expectant parents choose for pregnancy ultrasound is because they mainly want to know the sex of their unborn baby. Some of the couples can’t wait to find out whether they are having a baby girl or a baby boy.

The parents-to-be get to know the identity of the baby through the sonogram. A sonogram helps to show the image of the child when he is in the developing stage.

3.     Possible Delivery Date

Another major use of ultrasound is that it helps to reveal the possible delivery date. The doctor scans the womb of the pregnant woman, and with the help of the information attained through the scanning, the doctor provides the possible due date to the expectant parent.

However, you should know that the due date can and cannot be the delivery date. In some cases, the babies are born early before the set date and there have also been cases where the babies are born after the due date has passed.

4.     Experience the Joy

One of the benefits of the pregnancy ultrasound is the utter joy that expectant parents experience to see the movements of their little ones.

The ultrasound shows the image of the unborn baby on the ultrasound screen. Seeing the child moving his organs and yawning can be a great joy for the parents-to-be.

5.     Fathers Experience a Personal Connection

Since a child lives in the body of his mother for nine months, the mother and the child develop a special bond already. On the other hand, fathers-to-be do not experience the same bond. They do not have the same intimate bond which a child and mother share.

Hence, when they see the procedure of the ultrasound which includes seeing the images of the child on the screen, they get a chance to develop a deep, meaningful bond with the child.

These are the top uses and benefits of a pregnancy ultrasound. If you are an expectant woman then get the ultrasound done by the Jack and Jill Fetal Photos. Trust us, your experience will be a wonderful one!