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Planning the Ultimate Baby Shower

Planning the Ultimate Baby Shower

For a soon-to-be mother, the baby shower is the most important thing.

This is why, whether it should be big, small, fancy or casual- is something the mother can give her input on. Since there are so many different ways to do baby showers, it is important for the host and guest of honor to talk beforehand so they are on the same page about everything that needs to be done.

Sometimes, the soon-to-be-mom is not going to do too much, it is recommended to ask her for some things.

Apart from what the mother-to-be wants, it is important to keep the following things in consideration when planning a baby shower:

  • The time and date of the baby shower
  • The location of the baby shower
  • The plans for the baby shower
  • The baby shower budget

Moreover, if this baby shower is for the second or third child, it is smart to plan this one differently so it is not like the first one. However, the most important thing to remember is that having a good, organized plan is the only thing that will help the baby shower to go smoothly.


Setting a theme for the baby shower is the most important thing. The reason is that sets the stage for everything related to the baby shower. Therefore, this is the time to get personal and creative.

An easy way to set a theme is when the date of the baby shower is falling corresponding to the holiday times. This will save time, costs for the guests, and ensures a strong invitation list. Here are some seasonal themes:

  • Easter Baby Shower
  • Halloween Baby Shower
  • Thanksgiving Baby Shower
  • Christmas Baby Shower


The time and season you are hosting the baby shower will help determine the food of the party. If you are hosting a baby shower during the lunch or dinner timings, every guest will expect you to provide proper food. Therefore, brunch baby showers are the most popular option.

If the baby shower is set at some other time, it is important to have appetizers and desserts.


The baby gifts are probably the most important part of a baby shower. This is the part when all the guests drool over the presents and it is important to give something that will be useful for a baby. Although it is fun to shop for baby gifts, it can be overwhelming because of all the different things that are available. While some opt for practical gifts, some get fun gifts. Depending on what you want, choose a suitable gift.

If the soon-to-be parents are not aware of Jack & Jill make sure you let them know about it. Jack & Jill will allow them to make the most of these precious moments.