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Moments of Pregnancy that Matter

Moments during Pregnancy that You Never Want to Forget!

Being a mother is a blessing. However, the journey to becoming a mother is a full roller-coaster ride where there are many ups and downs. There are too many smiles and several tears. All of these add up with little moments scattered here and there throughout your pregnancy. These are the moments that you want to remember for the rest of your life!

Let’s take a look at a few of these amazing moments!

When You Finally Realize You are Growing in Size

This may not be a very ecstatic moment for many women, but it does feel like a whole new thing when it begins to show that you are pregnant. A football-sized alteration in your form finally expresses the fact that another life is being taken care of inside you.

When It Was Your First Ultrasound

We bet you couldn’t see much in the first one! Nevertheless, it is the best experience of your life. You just see the fetus beginning to grow up. It is a piece of flesh that turns into a beautiful baby in the course of 9 long months. Your real journey begins after the first ultrasound.

When Your Baby Moved for the First Time

It is a feeling beyond any that words could express. The first movement of your unborn child is something that you can never quite forget. You wish to keep feeling it forever. It is the first time you feel the piece of flesh inside you coming to life. This is when you realize that it can actually hear you or may be even understand you. You will certainly find yourself talking to it quite unintentionally.

When You See the Fetal Photos of Your Baby for the First Time!

This is moment is worth everything in your life. In the final stages of your pregnancy you can clearly see your baby, fully formed and moving inside you! It is one of the most exciting experiences. In fact, fetal photos are known to be the first photos of your baby. You can make separate album for these as well as share the pictures on your Facebook or Instagram! When your baby finally comes into this world you can show them what they looked like way before they were born.

Having your first child is an experience compared to none other! It is a complete journey that you have to carry on to bring the most beautiful creation in the world. Let Jack and Jill Fetal Photos capture the fine parts of this journey! If you live in Chandler, Arizona visit our studios and get yourself fetal photos of your baby that are going to stay with you forever. We provide excellent professional ultrasound services. During the session we can take some of the best 2D and 3D photos for you! Click here to visit our website and book a session today!