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Make Your Fetal Photo Sessions Memorable

5 Ways to Make Your Fetal Photo Sessions Memorable

Taking prenatal photos of your baby is the latest trend for expecting moms. It is actually an amazing gift from today’s technology.

It allows parents to see their baby grow and also capture their growth. In these sessions, 2D and 3D photos are taken from ultrasound scans. In addition, you can also identify the gender of your baby through fetal photos.

Let’s have a look at some of the ways in which you can make these sessions memorable.


  • Invite Friends and Family


When you book these sessions, make sure to invite all your friends and family members to be a part of it. We are sure that the elderly in your home would love seeing the fetal photos of your baby just as much as you and your spouse.

Call in your friends and allow them to witness the miracle of life. Just as they had attended your wedding, they will be with you as you prepare to welcome a new member of your family.


  • Bring in the Decorations You Want To


You can even decorate the studio to your liking. If you are working with Jack and Jill Fetal Photos you can bring any and all things that you want to. You will have an hour-long session in which we will be able to take images from your ultrasound.

We can also photograph the procedure of your ultrasound with all the surrounding decorations and your guests.


  • Bring the Baby’s Siblings


You can take some family pictures if you bring your older kids to the sessions. They will be able to see their youngest sibling for the first time! Your baby will be thrilled to find out that it was photographed surrounded by its siblings even before it was born.


  • Get the Heart Beat Teddy Bear


We also provide heart beat teddy bears with our packages. It will serve as a reminder of the amazing time you spent with us and our team of professionals as they worked hard to make your day memorable.


  • Capture the Best Moments of Your Life


We accommodate family portraits with the ultrasound in the background. You can now capture the best moments of your life. Our expert team will give you half an hour separately for the ultrasound. The rest of the half hour can be devoted to family photos and group photos!

Fetal photo sessions are very emotional. You need to have your session with the people who truly care about you. Jack and Jill Fetal Photos provide the best sessions in town! If you live in Chandler, Arizona you can avail our services at amazing rates! We offer discounted packages of your choice! With an hour-long session we can make snapping your fetal photos fun and exciting!