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How to Get the Best 3D Ultrasound Photos

Tips on How to Get the Best Pictures on a 3D Ultrasound


Getting a 3D ultrasound can be quite fun and exciting considering that you are able to see your baby up close before he/she is born. In addition to that, it is also your chance to bond with your baby in the most unique way possible.

With a 3D ultrasound often comes the opportunity to get 3D ultrasound photos as well. For any normal photographs, we all know what we can do to improve its quality but when it comes to 3D ultrasound photos, you often feel clueless.

But don’t worry, we present to you some useful tips that you can follow to get the best ultrasound photos.


  • Schedule the Ultrasound at the Right Time


You should get the ultrasound done during a time during pregnancy where good pictures are more than likely to be the result. To achieve that purpose, it’s highly recommended to wait until 26 weeks, as this is generally when the physical features of the baby begin to develop.

However, make sure that you get the ultrasound done before 30 weeks otherwise your baby will begin to move deeper into your pelvis, making it hard to find your baby’s face.


  • Plan the Ultrasound Session During Your Baby’s Wake Hours


If your baby is awake during 3D ultrasound, there are more chances for you to get better pictures. But the problem that arises is to figure out when your baby is awake.

One sure way to find it out is by observing your baby’s movement throughout the day. There is a time during the entire day when the baby tends to move a lot and that is precisely the time when your baby is awake. Whichever that time is, try to schedule your 3D ultrasound around it.


  • Drink Lots of Water


Many doctors recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water weeks before your scheduled appointment. By staying hydrated, you can help clear up the amniotic fluid that often surrounds the baby’s face, resulting in clearer photos.

As your appointment gets closer, make an effort to drink more water than usual. You can also consider flavored water as an alternative option.


  • Snack on Natural Sugar before the Appointment


Many doctors believe that eating natural sugar can help your baby stay up. Since you want your baby to stay awake for the ultrasound, make sure that you eat bananas, dates, cherries, figs, and pomegranates before your ultrasound session.

These types of food have a high sugar content that can help your baby stay awake.


  • Don’t Get Afraid or Anxious


There is no need to feel any negative emotion during the ultrasound session. It’s important that you stay relaxed because many doctors believe that when babies sense tension among their mothers, they tend to become stiff or immovable during the ultrasound.

For a carefree 3D ultrasound, you can bring in your partner or a trusted family member or a friend with you.

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