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How to Enjoy Your Pregnancy

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Pregnancy to the Best!

Pregnancy can be quite challenging for you if you don’t plan for it properly. You will end up bored if you don’t have any fun activities drawn out for you.

Let us help you with that!


  • Participate in Weight Gaining Contests


During the last few months of the pregnancy you have to take classes that can prep you for delivery. Sometimes, you can get quite exhausted and even find them dull. They are of course, educational classes so you won’t have much of a choice.

However, after these classes, you and your class mates can gather at your place or their place for fun activities. You can even play the weighing game. Each of the mothers can mark their weight on one day and next week when you all meet up you can compare how much it has increased! It will keep you updated on your health and it is fun. Whoever scores the highest weight wins a free meal!


  • Attend Yoga Classes with Fellow Expecting Mothers


Yoga is fun to do even if it is designed for expecting moms. You will certainly find it something out of the ordinary. If you have a yoga center near your residence do begin visit it during pregnancy.


  • Take Snaps of Every Step of the Journey


This is the most looked-forward activity when you finally get to know that you are pregnant. Who doesn’t like taking pictures? Now you can record every phase of your journey to becoming a mother. You can start away with the couple photos. First you were just two. Then as you are through with your five months, your pregnancy will begin to show. Then you can take pictures and document the changes in your body which are now quite visible. Create a full album for your baby to see when it arrives.


  • Shop for Now and for Later


Shopping has always been a super enjoyable activity for women. As an expecting mom you don’t only get to shop for yourself but also for your baby. You can shop outfits for your full term of pregnancy and some more for the time after delivery. You can also set-up your baby’s nursery. Prepare everything before the baby arrives.


  • Take Fetal Photos


Now you can make the final few months of your pregnancy even more exciting with fetal photos. You can see your baby moving through ultrasound scans. With fetal photos you can capture these movements forever. Jack and Jill Fetal Photos have the best packages for your ultrasound sessions. We offer an hour long service where you can become comfortable enough to get the best picture for your baby. We can snap 2D and 3D images of the baby from ultrasound scans. You will be able to create a whole new album for your baby even before it arrives in this world! You can experience the best fetal photo sessions with us if you live in Chandler, Arizona. Visit our studios or contact us by visiting our website.

Make the best of your pregnancy term and enjoy the ride!