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Get A 4D Ultrasound to Get Personal with Your Baby

4D Ultrasound

Soon-to-be parents need to keep getting baby ultrasounds in order to make sure their baby is healthy. These baby ultrasounds allow parents to get in touch with their baby’s health and progress. Many soon-to-be parents love seeing their baby before they are even born.

Therefore, this newest technology is just the thing for such parents!

What Exactly Is It

Ultrasounds are also known as scans. They involve high-frequency sound waves that go through the body and then they show everything they have picked up everything on a screen.

When a woman is pregnant, a transducer (a device) is moved on top of a woman’s abdomen and the sound waves get to her uterus (through the abdomen). The sound waves bounce off the baby as echoes. When the baby begins to make movements, the images are vowed on the screen. Although the sound waves are of high pitches, they cannot be heard by a human ear. Ultrasounds are not painful.

Difference – 3D And 4D Ultrasounds

The 4D (4 dimensional) baby ultrasounds are a build-on to the 3D ultrasounds. The extra dimension that is added is the time, which means in the 4D baby ultrasounds the images of your moving baby are in real time. If your baby moves, kicks, suck his/her thumb, moves his/her eyes, or frowns, everything will be visible in front of you.

Since there is an extra advancement in these baby ultrasounds, they are more expensive. They are not generally offered, therefore, if parents opt for them, they will need to pay for it. On the other hand, 3D baby ultrasounds are optional. They cannot replace the traditional 2D ultrasounds, but they do offer a more personal encounter with your baby. The parents that are very keen on seeing the development of their baby opt for the 3D or 4D baby ultrasounds.

Important Information

These modern ultrasounds are not meant to replace the traditional ultrasounds. There are companies that do not opt for the 3D or 4D baby ultrasound until and unless the traditional one is not done. This is done to find any problems with the mother or the baby.

When Should You Opt For A 4D Ultrasound

The best time to get it done is within the 26-32 weeks of the gestation period. During the 19-24 weeks, it is best to get the gender ultrasound done. Since the facial features would not have developed properly, it is better to opt for the 3D ultrasound and 4D ultrasounds later on.

A little patience can definitely lead to many reaping benefits because you will be able to see your baby in real time, moving and smiling!


After getting the traditional 2D baby ultrasound, opt for high-quality 3D and 4D ultrasounds from Jack & Jill. The best part is that Jack & Jill provide soon-to-be parents with amazing packages that make the experience even better.