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May 25 2018

Looking for a way to introduce “big brother” to his “little”? Heartbeat bears are the perfect way to get kiddos excited, involved and talking about baby. Its also the sweetest way to hear your newest addition’s heartbeat forever 💓💓 get yours today at Jack & Jill!! . . #heartbeat #heartbeatbear #bigbrother #littlebrother #ultrasounds#ultrasoundday #jackandjill #fetalheartbeat #jackandjillfetalphotos

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May 15 2018

Kicking off our summer couples highlight season!! There is nothing more special than seeing your little for the 1st time 💙❤Excited to share our happy mama stories with you!! . . #ultrasound #ultrasoundday #3dultrasound#3d4dultrasound #babybump #babybliss #memories#love #babies #pregnancy #preggolife #Chandler#Mesa #Phoenix

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Apr 24 2018

Are you still caught up in the shenanigans of the old school, 2d ultrasounds? If the answer is yes, then you, as expectant parents, need to move on to better things, such as fetal photo scans. Here are some of the reasons why: Photos for You to Take[…]

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Apr 9 2018

The importance of ultrasounds during pregnancy is known by, almost, everyone. However, the entire procedure comes with its share of risks as well. Here is an account of some of the risks that come with ultrasounds and baby scans: The Long-Term Impacts We all have heard myths about[…]

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Mar 13 2018

March Gender Reveal Ultrasound Promotions Current promotions – Gender Reveal Ultrasound 3D and 4D high definition ultrasound services. All Jack and Jill ultrasound services 3D and 4D Baby Ultrasound Packages are completed and ready for you to take home immediately following your session. Jack and Jill ultrasound services comfortably offers seating for eight (8) of your family and friends[…]

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